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Cluster Mission and Activities

The Luxembourg ICT Cluster is a network that supports and brings together the various actors in the field of ICT in Luxembourg with the goal of fostering new and sustainable business opportunities through collaborative research, development and innovation projects.

The main objectives of the Luxembourg ICT Cluster are to:

  • identify and develop new business opportunities through collaborative national and international RDI projects
  • empower the ICT sector in Luxembourg
  • optimise the uptake of ICT as an enabling technology for various sectors
  • facilitate the collaboration between the public and private research actors
  • promote and position ICT competences of private companies and public research organisations in Luxembourg, thereby enhancing their visibility
  • collaborate with other clusters and fulfil a role as technical enabler

What we do…

The Luxembourg ICT Cluster provides specific support activities and services to its members and offers a platform for networking, collaboration and exchange of experience. Due to its mix of competences, the cluster provides support to develop project ideas, identify potential partners and find suitable funding for innovative projects.

The activities of the Luxembourg ICT Cluster also include the organisation of regular networking events, themed conferences and workshops. Dynamic Cluster Working Groups meet on a regular basis allowing participants to meet the right partners, to receive specialised value-added information and to reinforce their visibility.

What we offer…

The Luxembourg ICT Cluster provides access to a dynamic network of companies as well as public research organisations and offers a personalised portfolio of support services corresponding to the specific innovation requirements of its members.

Business-oriented platform for networking and exchange that allows you to:

  • share knowledge and experiences with companies and public research organisations specialised in the field of ICT
  • meet the right partners to develop collaborative RDI projects on a national and an international level
  • participate in working groups, seminars, conferences and networking events

Set of specialised services providing:

  • access to practical and technical information related to specific questions on ICT
  • advice on national and European funding opportunities
  • value-added information on emerging technologies and markets