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Mobilise Luxembourg

In 2014, Luxembourg was selected by the European Mobile & Mobility Industries Alliance (EMMIA) to stimulate the country’s potential for innovation in mobile services and applications. In this context, the Cluster organised an event that led to recommendations in the fields of new technologies, open data and mobility that were integrated into the final version of the European EMMIA study. The study recommends the following actions:

  • increasing financial sector involvement in start-up activities and encouraging investment and collaborations with Luxembourg entrepreneurs
  • creating a National Open Data Portal that would provide access to data in order to develop innovative new services
  • offering a free Wi-Fi connection in Luxembourg City in order to encourage innovation in mobile services
  • encouraging collaboration between industry and public research organisations and between large industries and entrepreneurs.

Other proposals also include, for example, measures to facilitate the creation of companies or to encourage Luxembourg to become a “test bed“ for new technologies and new mobile services. Concrete pilot projects based on these recommendations will be set up and managed by the Cluster and its partners in 2015. In addition, the Cluster established closer relations with the governmental initiative “Digital Lëtzebuerg“ set up in 2014 with the aim to strengthen and consolidate the country’s position in this field over time.


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